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40% White Chocolate
White Bean To Bar Chocolate Brighton Sussex
40% White Chocolate

40% White Chocolate

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Using natural un-deodorised cocoa butter pressed from the finest ethically sourced cocoa beans, we sustainably handcraft our white chocolate. We carefully refine and conch our single origin cocoa butter from Nicaragua over 72 hours then let the cocoa's own natural, unique and complex flavours settle for 2 weeks before we temper, mould and package ready to be enjoyed

Zero Waste Packaging - Recyclable, Glueless, Compostable, Acid Free

Ingredients: cocoa butter, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic milk (Gluten Free)
(Cocoa Solids 40% Minimum - Milk Solids 30% Minimum)
Store in a cool dry environment out of direct sunlight. Best enjoyed at room temperature

In September 2015, the International Cocoa Organisation recognised Nicaragua as a 100% Fine Cocoa Origin. Only 9 countries in the world are recognised as such